Balkans: August 24, 1999


BALKAN CRISIS IS FAR FROM OVER: The recent crisis in the Balkans was not the first and will not be the last. More are looming:
Albania, no great rock of stability, fears nothing more than the formation of Greater Albania, since this would bring in a million and a half new voters, few of which would support the ruling Tosk faction of southern Albanians. The northern Gheg faction, dominated by ousted President Berisha, is expected to ally with the Kosovars.
Macedonia gave support to NATO operations despite the opposition of a majority of its own people. There is tremendous fear that the KLA may suceed in its announced goal to bring the half a mllion Macedonian-Albanians into a new Greater Albania.
Montenegro is still under a Serbian threat to install a new government that is more to Belgrade's liking, and could pull out of the Federation.
Serbia shows no signs that Milosevic is likely to be replaced. Has has started the previous Balkan Wars and will no doubt be the start of another one.
Vojvodvina is the Hungarian version of Kosovo. Taking up the northern 1/4 of Serbia, Vojvodvina was a semi-autonomous ethnic-Hungarian province until a few years ago when Milosevic ended the special status that it and Kosovo enjoyed. New NATO member Hungary is already seeking support for a NATO operation to "protect" the Hungarians in Vojvodvina.
Bosnia is far from stable. The Croats still want to be part of Croatia while the Serbs still want to be part of Serbia. The "independent city" status for Brcko satisfied no one.--Stephen V Cole




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