Weapons: Ukraine Creates a Killer Robot


December 3, 2023: A Ukrainian firm called devDroid has developed a RWS (Remote Weapons System) that incorporates an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that can determine if a soldier is Ukrainian or Russian and enables the operator to fire on the enemy soldier while not accidentally firing on a Ukrainian soldier. The basic system uses daylight video cameras but can also work with thermal (heat detecting) cameras or similar radar systems to make nighttime operations possible. The operators manage the system 100 meters away using a cable or a Starlink terminal can be up to 100 meters from the devDroid equipment.

The operator can cancel a decision to open fire. Using a stabilized machine-gun, targets consisting of several soldiers that are up to 900 meters away can be effectively fired on and hit. Individual enemy soldiers can be detected at up to 500 meters and traced until they are only 300 meters away and a successful kill shot is possible.

A stationary version of the devDroid system weighs 35 kg (77 pounds) while a vehicle mounted version weighs 111 kg (243 pounds). The basic stationary version of devDroid costs about $1,400 and can monitor and defend nearly two kilometers of front-line terrain.




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