Counter-Terrorism: Granting Terrorists Asylum


June 27, 2010: Swedish police have arrested two Somali migrants and charged them with planning terror attacks in Somalia. This is the result of Somalis Islamic radicals recruiting and raising money among the 40,000 Somalis who have been granted refugee status in Sweden. For nearly a year, Swedish police have been investigating reports of Islamic radical activity among their Somali population. The police found a lot of activity.

This is part of a trend among Somali refugees living in Europe and North America. For example, Islamic radicals, like al Shabaab, have recruited over twenty Somalis in the United States, and several were later killed in Somalia. What Sweden, the United States and other countries fear is that radicalized Somalis returning from their terrorist activities in Somalia, and carrying out terrorist activities in the nation they found refuge in. This alarms the majority of Somali refugees, which has resulted in tips, making it possible for police to track down and arrest the Islamic radicals.





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