Counter-Terrorism: German Offensive Threatens The Homeland


September 26, 2009: U.S. citizens have been warned by their government to exercise care, if travelling to Germany in the next few weeks. Those who do go, are warned to be alert about their security, because of frequent recent al Qaeda threats to make attacks in Germany. The terrorists are trying to influence the September 27 elections there. But the Islamic terrorist group is believed to be so damaged and disorganized (by world-wide counter-terrorism efforts) that an attack might be delayed until a week or so after the elections. The Islamic terrorists are trying to frighten Germans into withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan. It is there, and across the border in Pakistan, that the Taliban and al Qaeda are fighting to keep government forces out of areas that can be used as terrorist bases (for training, planning and resting).

It was only this year that the 4,200 German troops were finally released from an ROE (Rules of Engagement) that prevented them from attacking terrorists. The German troops promptly went on the offensive and have called for more weapons and ammunition to be sent. The Taliban have been getting out of the way, and calling for help.




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