Counter-Terrorism: Old School Violence in Greece



January 14, 2007: The recent terrorist attack against the United State embassy in Greece, by the leftist militant group Revolutionary People's Struggle is just latest action by Marxist and other anti-government groups in Greece.

Last year, members of Revolutionary Liberation Action detonated a homemade firebomb outside the office of a Socialist member of parliament, Costas Gitonas. Revolutionary Liberation Action's first terror attack was earlier this year, when they attacked offices of the ruling New Democracy Party and a branch of the National Bank in Athens. It is suspected that the anarchist group is connected with a series of bank robberies, in which a police officer was wounded after a shootout in 2005.

The Greek government is making process with investigations into members of a second anarchist group, Anti-State Justice. This organization used homemade bombs to destroy a Finnish diplomat's car, and attack an office of the New Democracy Party in February 2005. The group claimed the attacks were done to express solidarity for Greek anarchists in jail. Police believe the members then disbanded the group and went their separate ways. However, recent tips from informants have led to the arrest of two former members and police say investigations are "producing results."

Finally, police are taking a proactive approach against the leftist group; Anti-Fascist Action (AFA). The organization is known for vandalisms and arsons across Europe. The group gained infamy in Greece after President Bush's last visits. AFA members acted as agent provocateurs attempting to make peaceful anti-Bush demonstrations violent. The produced some results and caused Greek riot police to be busy until Bush left Eastern Europe. During November 2005 AFA members have been involved in arson attacks against royalists. --Patrick Abbott


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