Special Operations: Israeli Cyber Commandos


June 28, 2010: Israel has long had troops dedicated to Cyber War activities, but now they are introducing a new twist to this. Israel is using the same screening and recruiting techniques they employ for commando units, to form an elite Cyber War unit. Thus the Israelis are not just seeking men (or women) with the right technical skills, but also with the mental toughness characteristic of the regular commandos. Israel wants to use this Cyber War unit to deal with the most difficult, and dangerous Cyber War situations. Thus if there's a Cyber War attack, using an unknown, and seemingly devastating new technique, you would have the Cyber War commando unit available to send against the problem. Same with an enemy Cyber War target that has to be disrupted, or simply investigated. You have a unit to do the job, because this unit has already been recruited and trained to be the best of the best. Similarly, if you were sending in regular commandos on a raid, to steal technology (something Israel has already done several times), several of the Cyber War commandos would go along. Already known to be tough minded, but possessing high technical skills, the Cyber War guys could keep up with the regular commandos, and quickly sort out the enemy technology, and take, or destroy, the right items.

The new unit is actually part of military intelligence, and will seek recruits in the military as well as civilians.




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