Special Operations: Airborne Airbase Assemblers


August 27, 2020: Israel is reorganizing some of its special operations units in order to better deal with the growing threat from Iran in Syria and Lebanon. Israel often keeps secret changes in its special operations forces but in this case, involving at least three units that use a lot of specialized helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, it would be difficult to hide the aircraft reassignments. The two units now part of Israeli Air Force 7th Wing include the special operations Unit 669, which consists of commandos and specially equipped helicopters that can go into enemy territory to rescue downed Israeli pilots or anyone out there needing extraction. The second unit in the 7th Wing is the Forward Landing Unit, with several C-130 transports equipped to carry engineering and communications specialists and their equipment to land (on roads or any flat terrain) in foreign territory to establish and operate a temporary airbase. The third part of 7th Wing is an intelligence unit organized to support the special missions the new organization is assigned to handle. All components of 7th Wing will begin training regularly and rehearse new tactics and possible operations. These training efforts are kept secret, as are details of any new equipment used or the exact nature of future missions.

The most likely future operations probably including include things like extraction of agents in Syria or Lebanon. There are lots of locals in both countries who have worked for Israel a long time. A more obvious mission for the 7th Wing is establishing temporary airfields in the Syrian or Lebanese country side to support major special operations efforts or a deep incursion by ground forces.


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