Sea Transportation: October 27, 2001


The US army and navy paid $20 million to charter a 317 foot Wave Piercing Catamaran for two years. Called the HSV-1, the vessel is being evaluated as a high speed naval transport. The HSV-1 can carry 450 tons of cargo, plus 325 troops (or 570 tons of cargo). It can do this at a speed of 35 knots in heavy seas for 2,000 kilometers in heavy seas (sea state 3.) This is a 63 hour voyage. The vessel can also launch and recover helicopters in small boats in rough seas. The HSV-1 can carry armored vehicles (IFVs and smaller). Such a ship could quickly move ground forces and supplies in crises situations where time was critical and airlift was not available in sufficient quantities (or have access to nearby airbases.)




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