Paramilitary: September 12, 2003


: The Department of Defense has, for several decades, contracted private organizations to provide military training for foreign armed forces. While the U.S. Army Special Forces can do this, they have not got the manpower to handle large jobs. Training the new Iraqi army is one such major undertaking, and the U.S. government has hired Vinnell Corporation to do the deed. The $48 million contract required work to begin on July 1, 2003. With so little lead time,  Vinnell had to farm out some of the work to subcontractors (MPRI, SAIC, Eagle Group International, Inc., Omega Training Group, and Worldwide Language Resources.) Vinnell been working in the Middle East since 1975, when they received a contract to train the Saudi Arabian National Guard. There are still some 800 Vinnell employees in Saudi Arabia (including 300 Americans) providing training services. Most of the trainers hired are former American military personnel, many of them retired after twenty or more years of service. 

The following announcement, which speaks for itself, appeared earlier this Summer at

Military Trainers Vinnell Corporation, a Northrop Grumman Company, has won a contract to train the New Iraqi Army. Trainers are needed to train light infantry battalions and Combat Service Support units for the New Iraqi Army. Following skills will be needed: Former U.S. Army and Marine Officers and senior NCOS are required in the grades of SSG (E-6) to COL in the following specialties: Light Infantry, Special Forces, Special Ops, Force Recon, Maintenance, Logistics, Personal Administration, and Supply. Former TRADOC writing and/or instructor experience or equivalent is welcome and basic training drill instructor experience is highly desirable. Candidates deploy by 1 August 2003 and possess a US tourist passport.

An excellent compensation and benefits package will be provided. Selected individuals will be contacted for additional information.

Interested candidates should send a detailed chronological resume, a copy of your DD-214, copy of your DA Form 2-1 or ORB for Army, or a copy of your SRB, DD Form 2586, or Training Record for Marines to [email protected] or Fax to 703-218-5230. No Phone Calls Please. EEO.

US ARMY ENLISTED E-6 and above.
Infantry 11B,
Special Forces 18B,
Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic 63B
Wheeled Vehicle Repairer 63W
Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 63X/Z
Small Arms Repair 45B
Supply/Logistics 92A/Y
Drill Instructor

Unit Maintenance Officer 915A
Senior Automotive Maintenance Officer 915E
Property Accounting Technician 920A
Supply Systems Technician 920B

Infantry 11A
Special Forces 18A
Maintenance Management 91B
Quartermaster 92A

US MARINE CORPS: Officer and Enlisted E-6 and above.
Infantry 0369
Small Arms Repairer 2111
Drill Instructor 8511




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