Paramilitary: June 24, 2003


: The U.S. State Department is recruiting a thousand civilian police, corrections, and judicial advisors for service in Iraq to help organize more effective law enforcement, judicial, and correctional organizations. Advisors will work with Iraqi criminal justice organizations at the national, provincial and municipal levels to assess threats to public order and provide advice and instruction at all levels of the Iraqi law enforcement system. Applicants must be a certified, civilian, police officer or corrections officer having a minimum 10 years of sworn, full-time, paid experience. Candidates must be currently serving or have been active within the last five years. Contract length is one year. Candidates who demonstrate proficiency will be issued a 9mm handgun for personal protection. The weapon will be concealed. Pay structure: Senior police advisors and section chiefs: $153,600, Judicial officers: $104, 000, All other positions: $75,076. All lodging, meals, and transportation, as well as logistical, technical and administrative support necessary to accomplish the advisors' mission is provided at no cost to the officer. Lodging will be in a secure compound. Qualified candidates will be flown to Virginia for a five-day orientation. No applicant is officially employed until the applicant signs a contract at the conclusion of the orientation. Applicants must be ready to leave immediately from Virginia to Iraq. Resumes should detail specific experience, certifications, specialties,
ranks and assignments, as well as full name and specific dates of employment. For those interested, send your resume to [email protected] or fax it to 817.732.6538, or use ResumeMaker at




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