Paramilitary: Iraq's Masked Lady Cops


September 24, 2007: The Iraqi National Police have recruited several hundred women. despite the dangers (fromterrorists, and other cops in a very macho society), there is no shortage of applicants. As much as possible, the women keep their identities secret, and sometimes work undercover. Women are much better at this, because Islamic radicals encourage women to cover their faces in public. The Iraqi police have female officers wear a black headpiece that covers everything but the eyes, as part of their regular police uniform. But even though they are armed, and have backup available, the undercover stuff is very dangerous work. But that, aside from a paycheck, is one of the appeals of the job. The women want to make a difference in bringing down the terrorists and criminal gangs that make life dangerous for everyone. The women are particularly incensed at the number of children killed by terrorists. In addition to the undercover work, women cops mainly work checkpoints, where they search suspicious females. Women police also work intelligence and administrative jobs. All are armed, and trained to use weapons.




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