Murphy's Law Article Archive 2012


Conflicts That Matter, That You Hardly Ever Hear AboutCulturally Sensitive PerversionsGo Commercial If You Want To Live
Russia Kind Of Trusts China AgainNot All Israeli Weapons Will Save Your AssHow Good Politics Makes Bad Network Security
Killer Robots Hiding In Plain SightThey Aren't Really Robots But They Are Taking OverIt Will Be The Nukes Next Time
The BUFF Gets BetterHow To Really Annoy The NeighborsThe Joys Of Blockade
India Fights For The RightDeath Ray Turns Warm And FuzzyWhy Newer Is Usually Better
Turks Say It Was A MissileAbove The Law At The UNThe Armies Of Ignorance
Chinese Culture Clash In IndiaCaptivity TrainingThe Leasing Evolution
Missile Chic In OzFailure Is A Hard Habit To BreakSpinning The LCS Into Existence
Where MiGs Go To ConfessNew Zealand Skyhawks Find A HomeWhy The Chinese Navy Is In Bulgaria
Why Tiny Tartus Is No ThreatWhat Is The Most Realistic RealityThe F-22 Is Cured, We Hope
The F-4 Was Not Shot DownTen Is The Magic NumberWhat Defeated The Afghan Air Force
Why Foreigners Make Better SoldiersNot A True Widow Maker YetTreasures Of The Vietnam War
What Is Still Sacred In RussiaFirst In FailurePolitics And The Pissed Off Air Force Generals
Safe And Well PaidSpotlight On The Shadow WarGoogle And The Somali Pirates
The Wages Of SinHow The Military Protects PoliticiansIndia Is Number One
The Germans Are Shocked, Shocked. . . Scary LasersWhy It's Easy To Hate Israel
The Last American Battalion In IraqPredicting Warfare In the 2040sWhat New Technologies Will Change Naval Warfare in the 21st Century
What New Technologies Changed Naval Warfare in the 20th Century Embargo My AssIs This The End For The Batman
Counting Warships Becomes DangerousThe USN And The Polar ThreatChina's Dirty Big Secret
Su-30 Pilots Threaten To WalkThe Real Cause of Islamic TerrorismBuying Votes Versus Buying Lives
Asia's Dubious AchievementIs It Real? Does It Matter?Beyond Tokenism
Second Hand Love From ChinaBuffs Get BonedF-22s Still Gasping For Breath
The Right To LieBank Broken By The BreakersWhy Russia Is Angry
Freedom To ChooseAll Your Ass Belongs To UsWhy Russia Loves Arab Tyrants
Catch And ReleaseKill The Harrier And F-35BPriced Out Of The Market
Big Brother Is In Your PantsDemonstrating VictoryMigrants Make Better Soldiers
Good-Enough Beats On BetterCell Towers At SeaThe Post-Peasant Chinese Army
More Greedy BastardsA Royal Canadian Pain In The NeckWhat Goes Up. . .



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