Murphy's Law Article Archive 2011


Israel Cuts Turkey OffThe Mystery Missiles In FinlandVictory In Iraq And Vietnam
A Three Part InventionOperator Error In The AirMore Wikileaks Victims
The Ammonium Nitrate NightmareBurying The Dead VarksQuality Has A Quantity All Its Own
Size Does MatterWhen The Cure Is Worse Than The DiseaseLibya And Pilot Unemployment
The Shahid Babaie MiracleThe 10K F-16 Replaces The F-35Why Afghanistan Is Dangerous
Behind The Iron Mask In ChinaCongress Unites The Army And Air ForceWhy Islamic Radicals Love Facebook
Prosperity Returns To Southern Afghanistan Spineless Bureaucrats Kill A SoldierLittle Guys Do The Heavy Lifting
Armor For Smart PhonesPrint The MythThe Way Of The Islamic Warrior
The Afghan ShuffleOld Gold In The RCAFRules To Die From
Europe Learns How To Fight AgainNorthern HospitalityThat Was Then, September 11, 2001
Acting On Those FearsTaiwan Unleashes The ClonesAnger Management And The Deadly Pretenders
Misreporting The NewsRussia And The Buttons Of DeathFree The Hawk
Maybe The M-1s Count As Two TanksMy Lawyer Says I Can Hurt YouThe Ministry Of Silly Bans
Toxic Air Grounds All F-22sWhy America Always Has To PayThe Orphans Of Steel
Four Decades To Become An Overnight SensationThe Gift Of Guns Gets Given BackEntrepreneurial Justice In Afghanistan
Why Moslem Women Got To FlyThe Horror, The HorrorPlease Don't Go
The Scams Of Afghanistan The Red Army Gets RobbedIt's The Economy, Stupid!
Libya And The Missing MissilesDazzle Still Doesn't Do ItAfghanistan And The Impossible Scheme
Justifiable HomicideThe Top Secret CurseSending Islamic Terrorists Home
The RAF Refits With RobotsToo Cheap To AvoidAmerica Prepared For War With Pakistan
Mystery Malaise Grounds UAVMighty MiceThe Wild Wild East
NATO Pilots Defeated In LibyaCheap And Effective Makes A ComebackBack To The Breakers
How Insurance Companies Support TerrorismCanada Fades From The SkiesThe Women Are Coming
Just Bend OverWhy Arabs Need Their Foreign MercenariesThe Replacements
Why Eurofighter Gets No RespectWhy China Still Uses Carrier PigeonsVittles, Not Vipers
Marching Through The Other GeorgiaChild Abusers Demand CompensationBuild It, And They Will Spend
Life Threatening Exit InterviewThe Great Dying Fades AwayStorm Troopers Are Not A Luxury
The Polish Highway PatrolThieves Who Saved The TalibanNeutered Jet Fighters
Fatal, But Manly, AddictionFrugal And HumiliatedDrafted Into Prison
Scary Ceramics And The Son Of HummerThe Fright Of The GeneralsFear Of Learning How To Fight
Where Have All The Sunnis Gone?Allah Loves Transvestites



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