Logistics: The Long Arm Of Canada


July 27, 2008: Canada has developed modifications for its CC-150 military transports (militarized Airbus-310s) to also serve as aerial tankers. Two of the five CC-150s will be modified so they can carry and offload 40 tons of fuel. This would enable a CC-150 to take four CF-18 Hornet fighters across the Atlantic.

The CC-150 is a 164 ton aircraft that can carry 33 tons of cargo or 340 personnel to any place on the planet. The tanker version can quickly be converted back to passenger/cargo service. In the 1990s, Canada replaced its five Boeing 707 type military transports with the CC-150. While Canada has a small military, being in North America means it is a long way from global hot spots. So, like the United States, Canada has its own force of long range military transports, and arrangements with commercial air freight firms, in order to move people and cargo anywhere, in a hurry.





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