Logistics: Let Them Eat Diesel


February 13, 2008: North Korea has recently received large shipments of fuel oil, as part of a deal that would have North Korea dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Not only has North Korea reneged on its promises, but is apparently using a lot of that oil to fuel its tanks and warplanes. It's been noted that Winter military maneuvers in North Korea are using a lot more tanks and jet aircraft than in the past few years. With North Korea civilians suffering food, fuel and electricity shortages this Winter, it's discouraging to see fuel burned to train troops for, what? The North Korea armed forces have been declining for the last decade, as fuel shortages made it impossible for fighter and bomber pilots to maintain anything but minimal flying skills. Same for tank crews. Hardly an new equipment was bought, and current stuff was seen abandoned near barracks, apparently because there was no money for spare parts.

So now, with the North Korean economy in desperate need of energy, and refurbishment, the generals are apparently doing a little morale building for themselves, by burning scarce fuel in a vain attempt to overcome a decade of lost training.




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