Logistics: There Is A New Tanker In The Sky


March 18, 2014:   Singapore recently purchased six Airbus MRTT tankers [PHOTO], for aerial refueling and carrying cargo. The Airbus MRTT is based on the twin engine Airbus 330-300, which normally sells for $180 million each. The 233 ton MRTT carries 111 tons of fuel, plus 45 tons of cargo (26 pallets). The MRTT can also carry 238 passengers, or 300 troops in more austere fashion or 130 casualties on stretchers (along with medical personnel). This is because the main deck is available for passengers, cargo or fuel containers. Normally, all the fuel is carried in the wing and tail tanks. This makes the MRTT very flexible, and capable of moving lots of cargo or troops, as needed. So far 28 MRTTs have been ordered by six nations. Currently 17 MRTTs are in service.




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