Logistics: The High Cost Of European Peacekeeping In Chad


June 6,2008: Putting European troops into landlocked Chad for peacekeeping duty is turning out to be very expensive. Current estimates are that it will cost over $300,000 a year to keep one soldier in Chad. The European peacekeepers don't have much in the way of helicopters or armored vehicles. Thus the big expense is air transport. Delivering goods by truck is expensive as well, because of the scarcity of good roads, and long distances from ports. While air freight cost five times as much, this avoids the bandits and risks of breakdowns that trucks must endure. Even a lot of the food for famine relief and refugees is flown in.

The troops are living pretty rough because of the transportation difficulties, and this doesn't help morale much. Many will only serve a few months in Chad, before returning home for some rest and recuperation.




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