Intelligence: Hezbollah Has Foreign Eyes On Israel


September 3, 2015: In early August Israel revealed that it had arrested a Swedish man and was prosecuting him for espionage, on behalf of Lebanese Islamic terror group Hezbollah. The Swede was a Palestinian born in Lebanon who later migrated to Sweden and acquired citizenship there. But like many expatriate Palestinians he regularly returned to Lebanon to visit family and friends and it was there that Hezbollah recruited him. This is becoming increasingly common and Israel now pays more attention to Palestinians visiting Israel on Western passports. Such passport holders can go just about anywhere Israeli citizens can in Israel and take pictures and make notes of what they see. The Swedish spy had been ordered to record information on a number of Israeli military bases. Israel has caught several of these spies recently and notes that this indicates Hezbollah is interested in another war with Israel.

For nearly a decade Hezbollah has increasingly openly boasted of its spy network along the Israeli border and inside Israel. Hezbollah agents are constantly photographing Israeli border guard activity, and sometimes sneaking across the border to do so. Worse there are a growing number of Israeli Arabs are also spying for Hezbollah. Mainly Hezbollah wants better target information for its 50,000 Iranian supplied rockets and missiles.





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