Intelligence: Greed, Need Or Blackmail Gets It Done


April 26, 2014: In March 2014 an Indian army clerk was arrested and charged with spying for Pakistan. The clerk had been recruited in 2012 and since then provided the Pakistanis with classified documents, photos of restricted areas and secret manuals for cash (at least $1,400 so far). While rare, this sort of thing is not an isolated incident. In early 2013 India police arrested four Indians (including an army clerk) and accused them of working for Pakistani intelligence (ISI) and passing on information and documents for at least three years. That spy cell mainly operated near the Nepal border. In 2011 an infantry lieutenant-colonel was prosecuted for spying for Pakistan. The officer was recruited in 2010 while in Bangladesh, where he was attending a course at a Bangladesh military school. The Pakistani ISI had a woman operative seduce the Indian officer, and the sexual activity was recorded on video. The officer was given a choice of the video being made public, or him becoming a Pakistani spy. The officer became a spy and was caught by Indian counterintelligence after a few months.

Pakistan is constantly seeking Indian military personnel willing to spy for cash. Even most Indian Moslems have no love for Pakistan and thus ISI concentrates on the greed, need or blackmail approach to recruiting Indian agents. India does the same in Pakistan, but India, with six times the population of Pakistan, is a far larger target.






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