Intelligence: Osama Bin Ladens Unhappy Twin


May 4, 2007: There's this guy in Afghanistan, named Sher Akbar, and until you get real close to him, he looks just like Osama bin Laden. Same height, same build, same beard, same large nose. Sher Akbar is an Afghan, who lives near the Pakistani border. He crosses the border frequently, on business. So far, Sher Akbar has been arrested twice, on suspicion of being Osama bin Laden. Sher Akbar's movements have been reported to the authorities several times, by people hoping to collect the $25 million reward.

Sher Akbar is not amused, especially as people have told him about Predator UAVs launching Hellfire missiles at vehicles believed to contain al Qaeda leaders. On a more practical level, Sher Akbars presence will continue to make life harder for intelligence agencies. That's because Osama bin Laden now has the option of moving about while pretending he is Sher Akbar.




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