Intelligence: June 13, 2004


In the last two months there have been several cases of people being arrested or prosecuted for illegally exporting military technology to China. In California, two Chinese-American men are in jail, awaiting trial for exporting night vision gear to a research institute in China. In Connecticut, two South Koreans are charged with illegally exporting helicopter engines to China. Back in California, two men were arrested for trying to export space satellite technology to China. In Florida, two men, including one who used to work for missile manufacturer Lockheed-Martin, were charged with trying to illegally send Hellfire missile parts to China. 

Chinese weapons developers and intelligence officials have pretty much made it known that those who can get American weapons and defense technology  out of the United States and into China will receive big bucks. For every such scam that is discovered, there are several that go undetected. 




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