Intelligence: July 18, 2002


One reason for Iran's inclusion in the "Axis of Evil" is long time Iranian support for the Hizbollah organization in Lebanon. It was Hizbollah that blew up the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, killing over 200 marines. The U.S. has not forgotten that, nor the several Americans who were kidnapped by Hizbollah in the 1980s. Hizbollah has long worked with Palestinian terror organizations and in the last nine months has been sending operatives into Palestinian territory to help with the terror offensive against Israeli civilians. But this has backfired, as Israeli invasions of Palestinian territory has led to the capture of as many as a dozen Hizbollah members. At least three were turned over to the United States because of al Qaeda connections, and U.S. intelligence agents have been able to sit in on the Israeli interrogation of other captured Hizbollah men. While these guys are not very talkative, there have never before been so many Hizbollah operatives available for interrogation. The seriousness of this situation can be seen by the sudden willingness of Hizbollah to trade a captured Israeli (and the bodies of other Israelis) for some or all of the Hizbollah captives. 




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