Intelligence: Catching Cooperative Kin


January 26, 2017: With the loss of Aleppo in Syria and the heavy losses ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) is suffering in Iraq (Mosul in particular) intelligence agencies are putting their extensive databases of wives and children many Islamic terrorists had with them in places like Syria and Iraq. Many of those wives originally came from the West or other areas far from Iraq and Syria. These women were especially attracted to ISIL controlled territory because ISIL made it clear the new Islamic State they were building needed wives for their Islamic warriors so that the population of the Islamic state could rapidly be expanded. Hundreds of Moslem women answered the call, married and began having children. Now a lot of them are widows and those with children feel compelled to return to their home countries for their own safety and that of their children. The intelligence agencies, in monitoring electronic communications and scrutinizing captured Islamic terrorist documents (especially cell phones of dead or captured men) know a lot about these widows and where they are probably headed. Border security agencies have been alerted to detain any of these women they encounter. That is usually easy enough because the women are often travelling using false IDs. Some are wanted for criminal acts they committed while in the Islamic State and wish to avoid prosecution. But all of them are sought for the vast amounts of detail they know about the Islamic terror organizations their late husbands worked for.

Intel agencies have been picking up these widows for years and know from experience that many are willing to talk, especially if it means they will be allowed to return, with their children, to their parents or other kin. This wanted for crimes can expect some leniency if they cooperate. The fleeing widows know they are being sought, as the Internet works both ways and the word got around quickly about the chances of being caught at one of the several borders they would have to cross if widowed. Apparently many of the wives decided that having a chat with the police was not such a bad thing while others, who had committed crimes or were seeking to return home and resume links with the Islamic terror groups their husband worked, made plans to avoid getting caught.




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