Intelligence: Wikileaks Is Anti-Islam


December 16, 2010:  Wikileaks confirmed a lot of things that were, well, already known, but rarely noticed in the West. For example, some leaked messages revealed how Egyptian intelligence officials were angry about Iran trying to recruit agents in Egypt, and set up a terrorist network in Gaza (where the Palestinian terrorist outfit Hamas ran things). The Iranians were clever, and went after the disaffected Bedouins in the Sinai. The Bedouins have always had a bad relationship with the settled, and more numerous, populations along the Nile. These days, Bedouins throughout the region control most of the smuggling activity, and are inclined to bend local laws when it suits their purposes. Taking cash from some Iranian guy, in return for a steady supply of local gossip is seen as a no-brainer. But the Iranians also encouraged Islamic terrorist activity among those Bedouins who were really mad at the Egyptian government (often because of some corrupt official, or a relative getting arrested).

The Egyptians accepted that the Bedouin nomads would always be a problem, but having a foreign country, especially a non-Arab one like Iran, butting in, was considered over the line. So Egypt began recruiting agents in Syria (a client state of Iran) and Lebanon (where the lower third of the country is controlled by the Iran-financed Hezbollah organization. Iran was, and is, very angry with this, especially since the Egyptian agents are not just gathering information (often passed on to the Americans and Israelis), but terrorist attacks are also planned and carried out.

Because of all this Iranian meddling in their own backyard, Egypt joined the Gulf Arabs in urging the United States to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. This advice was always given secretly, as it was considered politically incorrect for Islamic nations to urge infidels to attack another Islamic nations (although the Shia Iranians were also considered heretics, but that was something else the Arabs did not want to go too public with). Now that all this is out in the open, some Arabs are insisting that Wikileaks is yet another Western effort to harm Islam.




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