Intelligence: The China Express


October 23, 2007: Another Chinese citizen has been indicted for trying to smuggle military equipment from the U.S. to China. In this case, 39 year old Qing Li, who has been a legal resident of the U.S. since 1996, sought to buy and ship to China 30 piezoresistive accelerometers. These small, $2,500 (each) devices are used in weapons (missiles and smart bombs), and are prohibited from being sent to China without a State Department license. Qing Li told a co-conspirator that she was doing this for a Chinese government agency. Qing Li was arrested on October 14th as she was trying to fly to China. If convicted, she could get five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The FBI has encountered dozens of cases like this in the past few years. Apparently China has called for an all-out effort to obtain as much American military technology as possible, as quickly as possible and in any way possible. Russia has been experiencing the same problem, especially with military equipment sold to China, which is often cloned quickly, and then manufactured in China, without compensating the Russians for their technology. The Russians are not happy with this, nor are the European firms getting the same treatment.




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