Infantry: April 7, 2000


Sig-Sauer, the Swiss pistol company, has purchased the venerable Mauser company and plans to use the Mauser name for a series of mid-priced guns of high quality. First in the new product line is the M2 pistol, recently shown in prototype form. The M2 has an aluminum frame with a steel slide, barrel, and magazine well. The pistol has an enclosed slide, similar to the Model 1911 or the new Army M11, not an exposed barrel like the Baretta 92F (M9). Sig indicated that the M2 would retail for about $425, an unusually low price for a first-class weapon. The M2 will be offered in 9mm, .57-Sig, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. All but the last will have a double-stack magazine. One unusual feature is that the barrel rotates during the firing cycle. The most controversial feature, however, is the manual safety, which is located on the very rear of the frame and requires two hands to disengage. This may be an effort to anticipate new US gun control laws and ensure entry into the US market.--Stephen V Cole




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