Electronic Weapons: French Jet Replaces Global Hawk


January 6, 2012: Although the U.S. provided $200 million in upgrades and maintenance for South Korea's eight RC-800 electronic reconnaissance aircraft (these are actually two engine business jets reconfigured to perform recon missions) six years ago, South Korea wants to replace these aircraft with more modern Falcom-2000 electronic reconnaissance aircraft. The French built Falcon-2000 has a longer range and can carry more equipment. This will improve the ability to track the use of North Korean electronic equipment along the DMZ.

Another factor is the problem South Korea has had in obtaining Global Hawk UAV reconnaissance aircraft from the United States. Negotiations have not gone well, with the prices increasing and delivery dates receding farther into the future. The French Falcon 2000 aircraft can be obtained quickly (by 2015) and at much less the cost than the Global Hawk.




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