Electronic Weapons: Body Heat Reveals All


January 20, 2011: An American firm has developed a camera that combines a regular daylight vidcam, with an infrared (heat detecting) camera to spot objects people are carrying (like guns or explosive vests). This is done by taking a regular and infrared picture of the same object and superimposing them on each other to show cooler objects that block the body heat. Software is used to almost instantly produce the images. VerifIR  can also spot buried objects. The VerifIR cameras cost $50,000 each and are being sought by troops manning checkpoints with lots of foot traffic, and sailors who have to check out lots of small boats. The 7.3 kg (17 pound) VerifIR works on standard camera tripods. The dual camera system is 28 cm/11"x25.4 cm/10"x13.3 cm/5.25" and draws less than 20 watts when operating.





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