Electronic Weapons: Wear This Jammer


February12, 2007: The U.S. Department of Defense is buying another 1,001 IED (roadside bomb) jammers, for about $37,000 each. These will be delivered in the next four months. IED jammer technology has come a long way in three years. Current jammers, like the ones being purchased in this contract (from Pegasus Global, Inc.), are a suitcase sized item that contains all the electronic components needed to jam a wide range of frequencies. Current IED jammers are also programmable, and are capable to avoiding frequencies used by your own troops. These jammers are usually carried in a vehicle, and draw power from the vehicle power supply. There is also a wearable jammer, that is lighter, and has components that are easily attached to a protective vest. This one, of course, uses batteries. But the wearable IED jammer gives foot patrols some protection against radio controlled IEDs.

Nearly a billion dollars has been spent, since 2003, in developing and building these jammers. The jammers have been so successful that most IEDs are now detonated using other methods (wire, or infrared signal).




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