Electronic Weapons: March 31, 2003


The Department of Defense is in the process of replacing it's three decade old AUTODIN secure (all messages are coded) communications network with an Internet based DMS (Defense Message System). This consists of equipment that takes email to or from Microsoft Outlook users, who have an encryption card for their PC, and sends it over various communications networks, including the Defense Department's SIPRNET (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network). The older AUTODIN required you to go to a message center to pick up coded messages. Later this year, portable (operating in the back of a Humvee) TMS (Tactical Message System) will enter service. This is basically a portable DMS. This will be used in addition to the current SIPRNET, which requires setting a connection to SIPRNET. There are a few of these in Kuwait. Most troops in the field use plain old email (although some use open source encryption on their own) with Internet connections via satellite dishes most units have.




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