Electronic Weapons: February 23, 2003


Israel has sold India over a hundred million dollars worth of sensors to be used in Kashmir against Islamic militants infiltrating across the border from Pakistan. But the radars and sensors are not working as well in the mountainous terrain of Kashmir. The thin atmosphere and frigid winters also appear to be playing a part. India has complained to the Israelis, who have dispatched engineers to determine exactly what is causing the problems. The 1,022 ground radars, with a range of ten kilometers (for spotting moving people), cost over $70,000 each and have years of successful service by Israeli police and armed forces. But in Kashmir, the radars are not working as well. It might be poorly trained operators, or it might be equipment shortcomings. Israel has a big incentive to fix the problem with these ground radars, for India is interested in buying Israels Arrow anti-ballistic missile system. Such a sale would bring in over a billion dollars.




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