Electronic Weapons: November 9, 1999


The US Marine Corps has selected the USQ-146 radio for use in a dozen special LAVs configured for electronic warfare. The USQ-146 (a variant of which equips the EA-6B Prowler) provides conventional voice and data transmission, but can also detect, classify, and jam enemy transmissions.--Stephen V Cole

The US Navy has decided to buy Leica Viper multi-role binoculars in "large quantities". These binoculars have a built-in laser rangefinder, and can be connected to a computer and GPS system to provide accurate location data on anything in sight within 4,000 meters. These binoculars are already in use by Army Special Forces units.--Stephen V Cole

US Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard units are nearing completion of qualification tests on the Northrop Lightning pod. This pod, fitted to F-16s, provides a variety of day and night sensors for the pilot, as well as a laser designator to guide laser-seeking bombs to target. The pod is actually designed to recognize certain types of targets and point them out to the pilot. Once approved, 160 pods will be purchased for use by Guard and Reserve F-16s. Most of the systems in the pod were developed in Israel by Rafael; Northrop added a Forward-Looking Infra-Red unit of its own design.--Stephen V Cole




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