NBC Weapons: Syria Still At It




March 1, 2011: Commercial satellite photos have revealed a new Syrian nuclear enrichment facility near Damascus. There are two other facilities apparently related to nuclear research, but the Damascus site is apparently being equipped for enriching uranium for a reactor, or nuclear weapons. The grounds around this site are being paved, so that it's more difficult to detect radioactive material. UN inspectors have not been allowed to inspect the site near Damascus. The Israeli government has not reacted, yet.

Syria originally had a nuclear reactor under construction at al Kibar, which was bombed by Israel in September, 2007. This site had structures that indicated a nuclear research facility was under construction. After the bombing, the Syrians promptly removed the structures, both the ones that were bombed and those left intact. Syria has since rebuilt the area with what appears to be a missile control and launching center.

UN inspectors found, before Syria rebuilt the area, that there were traces of uranium and graphite, indicating that there was indeed a nuclear research activity, at the very least, going on. The Syrians apparently did not realize that it was difficult, nearly impossible, to clear away the microscopic evidence that nuclear research was going on there.

North Korean technicians were involved with whatever was going on there, although Syria denied any nuclear work was taking place. Denying that North Koreans were around was more difficult, as North Koreans have been seen entering and leaving this area for months. North Korea is believed to be still selling weapons, and possibly nuclear technology, to Syrian mentor Iran. North Koreans are still in Syria, apparently in support of weapons (possibly nuclear) technology sold to Syria.





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