Support: Navy Robots For Afghanistan


September 27, 2011: The Afghan military has ordered over 300 MMP-30 robots for mine and roadside bomb clearing. The MMP-30 is a new model, having entered service four years ago as the smaller MMP-15, and two years ago as the MMP-30. One of the first users of the MMP-30 was the U.S. Navy EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) teams, and they recommended it to the Afghans (who had also used them).

The MMP-30 got into an already crowded market by being cheaper and more rugged than the existing Talon and PackBot droids that have dominated the market for years. The MMP-30 is a 13.6 kg (30 pound) robot with a 9 kg (20 pound) payload. Its batteries will last two hours (before being replaced or recharged). The MMP-30 is light enough to be carried into action, with another man carrying the accessories. The MMP-30 can be operated via cable or wirelessly. It can mount the usual assortment of cameras and claws.





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