Support: July 15, 2005


Canada is joining a growing worldwide trend and outsourcing some combat training to civilian organizations. Much combat training is highly dependent on the experience of the instructors. The best instructors tend to be recently retired military personnel. While on active duty, these guys would rather be serving with a combat unit, which is where promotions and career advancement are found. Training assignments are seen as a detour. But for retired troops, training is fine. The hours are regular, and the physical and mental pressure is much less than it is with a combat unit. More important is the fact that the instructors are usually contract employees, not civil service. This means that poor performance can be dealt with immediately. Civil service unions usually fight any disciplinary actions, even if it means keeping an ineffective employee on duty. 

Canada will turn over training of weapons training for wheeled armored vehicles (LAV III) crews to civilians. In some countries, some flight training is conducted by civilians. The United States often hires civilians to provide combat training for allied countries that America has agreed provide these services for. 




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