Support: PSP Joins The Royal Navy


November 30, 2009: The British Royal Navy is experimenting with the use of PlayStation Portables (PSP) as learning devices for officers and sailors. The PSP has been around since 2005 and over 55 million have been sold. It weighs 6.7 ounces (189g). It's 6.7 inches (17cm) wide and has a 4.3 inch (11cm) color display, with game controls off each side. It accepts memory sticks, and that's what the Royal Navy is using to deliver the courseware for officers and sailors using the PSP to learn new maintenance and operational developments for their electronic systems.

Many senior officers are not enthusiastic about buying 230 PSPs, and transferring courseware to memory sticks. But it's understood that most of the young officers and sailors are familiar with the PSP, and using devices like this for reading, and handling data (as in smart phones), which is a growing trend. So the navy is taking a chance. The sailors receiving the PSPs and courseware, will soon be taking tests on the material to be studied. If they score well, and express enthusiasm for PSP type courseware, there will be more of it.




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