Support: Indian Trainers for Afghanistan


April 12,2008: Afghanistan has asked India for help in training counter-insurgency troops. India has lots of experience in dealing with Islamic terrorism, and in counter-insurgency. India not only has defeated a major outbreak of Islamic terrorism in its northwest (Kashmir), but is also dealing with tribal separatists in the northeast and communist rebels in the eastern parts of the country. Afghanistan would also like some help with maintaining its Russian helicopters, something else India has lots of experience with.

India has been supplying humanitarian aid to Afghanistan since 2001, and has been accused (mainly by Pakistan) of supplying military assistance. But aside from sending some security personnel to protect Indian aid workers, there has been no military involvement. But now that will change.

The Afghans blame Pakistan for many of the problems plaguing the country, including the Taliban (both before and after September 11, 2001), and the inability of Pakistan to shut down Islamic terrorist operations inside Pakistan. An Afghan military delegation is also on its way to visit Kashmir, and see how India has dealt with its Islamic terrorism problem there.




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