Attrition Article Archive 2005


Navy Warrant Officer Pilots Blood Island What Money Can't Buy
Compared to VietnamSub Specialists ScarceUSAF Breaks Safety Record
The Superhero ShortageMaking the Best of Bad High SchoolsPatterns of Death in Iraq
Staffing a 24/7 WarScarce Skills Score Special PayAfghans Who Walk Away
F-18s Wearing Out Ahead of ScheduleBringing Bad Habits Back HomeCombat Medic Training Center in Iraq
Sailors Reinforce the ArmyHow the Military Hurts the Poor and UneducatedBritain Copes With Crucial Shortages
American Sailors Volunteer for Iraq Duty USAF Seeks Magicians Bloody October
Canada Recruits Couch Potatoes Sharing the Pain Dealing With the Leftovers
Romania Trades Coercion for Quality The U.S. Air Force Doesn't Want You, or You... What Will Get You
Migrations In and Out of Iraq Since 2003 Army Referral Bonus Program Expanded Tribal Tribulations in India
Weight Losses NATO Keeps Count in Afghanistan China Purges Psycho Soldiers
USAF Shedding 12 Percent of Personnel I Thought You Lowered The Landing Gear? Gurkhas Want to Renegotiate
China Makes Time For Sergeants Measuring the Impact of Taliban Losses Changing Ethnic Patterns in the U.S. Army
Patterns in Iraq Still No Manpower Shortage in the U.S. Army IRR Has Another Media Misadventure
A Few Good Nukes We Prefer Illiterates Jobs and Guns
Russian Conscripts Disappearing Big TimeMarines Running Out of HelicoptersFemale Troops and Combat Fatigue
Arab-Americans in Combat Dead Bodies in Baluchistan Canada Offers. No Waiting, No Respect
F-15K Pilots Blacked Out and Crashed Losses in Lebanon SAS Gets A Raise
U.S. Military Continues to Meet Recruiting Goals Contractor Casualties in Iraq JDAM Puts 19,000 Airmen Out of Work
Afghan Mercenaries Earning Their Pay Venezuela Feels a Draft What SEALs and Medics are Worth
Basic Training Revolution U.S. Troops Vote With Their Feet Ultrasound on the Battlefield
Paratroopers Break Reenlistment Record Psychological Casualties in the War on Terror The Mysterious Crash of a Wonder Jet
Replacing Lost SOCOM Aircraft The Zarqawi Dip Middle Aged Recruits
Coping With Combat Fatigue Why Women Replace Men in as Pilots Patterns in Iraq
The Navy is Auctioning Layoffs Israel Cracks Down On Female Draft DodgersSoldiers Win Their War, No One Cares
Tempting TuitionStalking Extreme Sports The Chronic Indian Officer Shortage
How to Die in the Russian Army Recruiters as Kidnappers USAF Even Downsizing Lieutenants
Canada's Shame Serious Shortage of Successful SEAL Students The Small Print in Officers Commissions
The Language Bonus Americans Enlist in Record Numbers Israeli Army Screens Out Dissidents
The Dark Side of MASH Looking for More of the EOD Elite Suicidal Submariners Stimulate a Scare
Growing Casualties in Sri Lanka After Iraq, Expensive Apache Rebuilds Marines Stay In For The Action
Why U.S. Troops Re-Enlist in Record Numbers Hurricane Katrina Armor Losses Continue Nepalese Maoists Take Heavy Losses
Iraqi Terrorists Suffering a Manpower Shortage Women's Work in the Pakistani Air Force The Moslem Girls Go Marching In
Desertion Rate Up in Britain Appealing Homosexuals Chinese Army Hammered By Video Pirates
It's The Economy, Stupid American Reservist Recruiting Recovers Why So Few Are Eligible For Military Service
The Natural Superiority of WomenThe Best Terrorists Money Can Buy Firing 25 Percent of the Army
Demotion Instead of Dismissal Old Soldiers Stick Around Women Join the Nepalese Army
Russia Speeds Elimination of Conscription Wear and Tear in Iraq Office Politics in Al Qaeda
China Gets Soldiers Out Of The Kitchen National Guard Reverses Recruiting Slide New Approach to Stress in Basic Training
Waiver Troops More Sailors in Iraq Iraqi Civilians Suffering Most of the Casualties
The Bloody Past China Lures Geeks Into Uniform Casualty Trends in Iraq
Backing Off on Tattoos Blue to Green Bombs U.S. Army Recruiting in Europe Improves
Martyr Fodder The G.I. Bill Factor The Untold Casualty Story
Faster Promotions For Steadfast G.I.s Seeing and Believing Surprising Sailor Shortage in South Africa
Taiwan Recruits Women Six Figure Soldiers British Infantry Fading Away
More Women in Uniform Worldwide War Losses Cheap Simulators Threaten U.S. Air Superiority
The True Cause of Death in Congo Making the Naval Reserve Work Why More Wounded Survive
Keeping the Commandoes In Uniform USAF Downsizing



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