Armor: Chinese Hummer Speaks German


August 14, 2007: China is buying 2,100 locally built SUVs, the BJ2022JC, for military use. The vehicle, which looks like a slightly smaller version of the U.S. humvee, is built by the Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automobile Co. It's a three year old joint venture with the German firm, and the BJ2022JC is adapted from existing Mercedes Benz designs. The BJ2022JC has a carrying capacity of .7 ton, and a smaller wheel base (110 inches), compared to the humvee (184 inches.) The BJ2022JC will replace an older design, the BJ2020, which was based on a Russian GAZ69 jeep. China's basic BJ2020 design has been continually improved over the years. In the 1990s, many engineering improvements were made by using technology borrowed (via a joint manufacturing deal) from the American Jeep Cherokee. Chinese jeeps have also been popular with the civilian market, and China hopes to export more of these rugged vehicles to other countries where roads, and cash, are in short supply.




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