Sudan: Nasty Neighbors


December 21, 2005: No progress in Darfur, where the government continues to support marauding rebels.

December 20, 2005: The government of Chad said that its military forces had "pursued" rebels into western Sudan. The Chadian forces claimed they destroyed "several" base camps inside Sudan used by the Rally for Defense of Democracy (RDL) a Chad rebel organization. Chad's forces took control of the Chadian town of Adre and used it as a jumping off point for the strikes into Sudan. Adre is on the Sudan-Chad border. The Chad statement did not give the start date of the attacks, but said that fighting occurred on December 18 and was over by December 19. NGOs confirmed that fighting occurred and that some rebel troops were treated by medical aid organizations. Chad claimed that 300 rebels were killed in the operation. Five Chadian soldiers died. The RDL said this was false and said that 70 Chadian soldiers were killed with the loss of only nine RDL fighters. Obviously, someone is lying. Catching a large number of enemy troops in the open and hitting them with artillery or concentrated automatic weapons fire can produce huge kill ratios, but that rarely happens in west Sudan where the rebels are reasonably mobile.

December 19, 2005: In western Darfur, battles between tribal militias and police left at least 18 dead.

December 18, 2005: The government has signed a new agreement allowing Ugandan troops to operate in southern Sudan, in pursuit of Ugandan LRA rebels.




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