Sudan: July 20, 2005



The two main rebel groups in Sudan's Darfur region, the SLM (Sudan Liberation Army) and the JEM (Justice and Equality Movement) confirmed that they had fought a series of battles -- against each other. SLM and JEM fighters have occasionally engaged one another and even held prisoners. The SLM and JEM reached an agreement in negotiations held in Libya. They signed a formal agreement to resolve intra-rebel disputes by "dialog." 

That's Sudan's western front. New reports confirm that the June fighting in eastern Sudan was more significant than the government originally admitted. In fact, the rebel group operating in eastern Sudan is called "Eastern Front." In late June the Eastern Front attacked government troops near the town of Tokar. Tokar is approximately 120 kilometers south of Port Sudan. The Sudan government bombed rebel positions west of Tokar on June 23 and 24. There are still no confirmed reports on government or rebel casualties. 

Meanwhile, back in Khartoum: On July 19 Chinese sources reported that Sudan's and China's militaries "will increase exchanges and cooperation." China buys a great deal of oil from Sudan and supplies Sudan with some technology and weapons. 




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