Sudan: May 27, 2005


Sudan is now wrestling with ethnic and tribal unrest in eastern Sudan. Though there are few reports of armed conflict, easterners (near the Eritrean border) complain that their region "suffers from neglect." The Sudan government acknowledged that this was the same complaint Darfur's tribes made prior to that rebellion breaking out in early 2003. The government suspects Eritrea is supporting the potential rebel groups and has warned Eritrea not to interfere.

There are other internal challenges. There are several reports out that a "small rebellion" broke out in a refugee camp south of the capital. Last week Sudanese police tried to move some of the refugees from the camp and the refugees objected. It's unclear what happened, but at least a dozen police officers and refugees died in clashes last week. On May 24, 6,000 Sudanese troops surrounded the camp. Another clash erupted-- as yet there are no firm casualty figures.




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