Sudan: May 17, 2005


: As of April 1, the number of Sudanese refugees now in camps in eastern Chad was 193,000. "Internally Displaced Persons" (IDPs, ie refugees still in Sudan) were estimated at 1.97 million people.

Some 1.6 million (in Darfur or Chad) people received food aid during the month of April 2005. Approximately 2.1 million people in the area needed food during that month. That means that either security issues (eg, militia activity) or lack of logistic capacity kept 500,000 from receiving food shipments.

One particular supply route as being particularly vulnerable: the main road connecting the towns of Nyala and Ed Daein in South Darfur. African Union (AU) peacekeepers can only escort one food convoy per week on this route. The AU force lacks sufficient ground and air transport to do much more.




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