Sudan: July 2, 2004


The visit to Sudan by the American Secretary of State and UN Secretary General has blown the top off the Sudanese government's denials of sponsoring massive atrocities. The many journalists, and their interpreters, that accompanied the American and UN officials received more damning testimony about the extent of the government support of the Sudanese Arab raiders that have driven over a million black Sudanese villagers from their homes and farms. The US and UN is calling for peacekeepers to be sent to Sudan to help stop the violence. However, few countries are willing to send troops to Darfur. The region is about as far from modern civilization as you can get. It is truly in the middle of nowhere, and a semi-desert area as well. The Sudanese appear to be playing media and diplomatic games with the UN and the world community. The Sudanese cannot afford to offend armed Arab tribes, as it is the Arab half of the Sudanese population that runs the place, and the Arabs want to hold on to what they've got.  




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