Sudan: February 15, 2004


NGO and UN sources now say over 135,000 Sudanese refugees have fled west Sudan (the Darfur region) for Chad. Some observers put the number of refugees at over half a million. There is a week by week increase, almost as if the Sudanese military is clearing villages in Darfur sector by sector. That would fit with the bitter scorched earth strategy the Sudanese government appears to be pursuing in the area. Meanwhile, the World For Program said 13 tons of high energy biscuits were flown into Chads capital, NDjamena on February 12. Trucks moved the food to eastern Chad (where the refugees are located). The WFP said it intends to pre-position food supplies near the Chad-Sudan border prior to the rainy season (which begins in June). One source, however, said the WFP has planned to feed 110,000 refugees. That number has already been exceeded. Scattered reports of fighting in Darfur continue to arrive via NGO and some government sources. Darfur rebels attacked the town of Dr al-Salam on February 12.




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