Sudan: January 27, 2004


The Sudanese government claimed that rebels in Darfur suffered heavy losses when Sudanese aircraft bombed rebel bases located along the Chad-Sudan border. Another Sudanese statement said that the government intended to defeat the insurgency in Darfur. Another source confirmed that Sudanese aircraft bombed the Sudanese town of Tine, which is on the Chad-Sudan border. The planes bombed a rebel position on the Sudanese side of the border. Thats the Sudan version. There have been many reports of  the scorched earth strategy the Sudan government appears to be pursuing in Darfur. This week there is increasing evidence that what appears to be is actually occurring. UNHCR said in the last week several thousand more refugees crossed from west Sudan into Chad. Aid workers reported that the refugees told them Arab militias (pro-Sudan government militias) had attacked and burned their villages. Refugees from the village of Habila (in Sudan) said that Sudanese government aircraft and helicopters attacked their village January 17. The air attack was followed by ground forces, except the attack the refugees described was more of a raid. The militiamen, mounted on camels and horses, rode into Habila and began driving the villagers from their homes. The raiders also stole the villagers livestock. If this had occurred in Bosnia it would be called ethnic cleansing. (Austin Bay)




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