Procurement: Australia Goes HIMARS


September 6, 2023: Australia has noted the success of HIMARS and its GMLRS guided rockets and has ordered 22 HIMARS vehicles and 130 GMLRS pods, each containing six GMLRS rockets. GMLRS rockets have a range of up to 92 kilometers, depending on warhead weight. While there are several similar systems available from other countries, HIMARS and GMLRS have proved themselves in combat during the Ukraine War and that counts for something. So far over 40,000 GMLRS rockets have been produced and that is increasing because of use in Ukraine and increasing orders. Another advantage of GMLRS is that the extended range (150 kilometers) GMLRS ER will soon enter mass production. This version uses the same HIMARS vehicle launcher and has the same success rate of 98 percent. Accuracy of GMLRS is high, with the guided rocket landing within one meter (three feet) of the aiming point.

Russia has been the primary target of GMLRS attacks and has developed tactics, techniques and special electronic equipment to intercept or degrade the accuracy of GMLRS. Russia has used S-300 and S-400 air defense systems to intercept GMLRS. This means expending a lot of S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missiles, which cost a lot more than a GMLRS. Russia has also developed an electronic jammer which degrades, but does not eliminate GMLRS accuracy. GMLRS rockets have inflicted major damage on Russian forces in Ukraine and continue to do so.




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