Procurement: Spike ATGM Production Moves to Europe


February 11, 2023: Israeli firm Rafael is partnering with Spain to open a $322 million manufacturing facility for the Israeli Spike LR2 ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) for the Spanish army and for export. The LR2 model was introduced in 2018 and is one of the most popular members of the Spike family of ATGMs. LR2 is a 120mm diameter, 12.7 kg (27.9 pound) missile with a range of 5.5 kilometers. It is launched from the (26.4 pound) Launch Control Unit that includes a day/night sight that can find a target and launch the missile in fire and forget mode or under some control by the operator. “Fire and Forget” is the favored mode because LR2 has an excellent guidance system in the missile that can not only track a target but also employ countermeasures to deal with many defense measures.

The Spanish LRs and LCU manufacturing operation is the first one in the EU (European Union) owned and operated by Rafael, in this case in partnership with Spain. Germany also manufactures LR2 under license for German forces. Spike is a line of seven ATGMS that have been in use since 1981 when the first model Spike NLOS entered service. Over 30,000 Spike missiles have been made so far for the Israeli military and exported to over 30 countries. The Spanish facility is the first foreign manufacturing operation for Spike which, like many Israeli weapons, is used in greater numbers by export customers than by Israel itself.




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