Intelligence: May 25, 2002


With the Pakistani border getting hotter by the day, India counter-intelligence has been busy.

On 11 May, MSNBC India reported that Mohammad Imran alias Munna, a Pakistani ISI agent, had been arrested in Kanpur. A joint operation, including military intelligence, U P special task force police and local Parade area police, discovered some sensitive documents and maps of the cantonment area, as well as some fake passports and ration cards (which Munna was planning to send to the ISI's Karachi headquarters by courier). A diary containing phone numbers of ISI officials in Pakistan and Dubai was also confiscated. 

During interrogation, Munna confessed having sent sensitive information about the cantonment areas of Lucknow, Allahabad, Faizabad and Delhi. Kanpur is a target rich environment for spies, as the small arms factory, parachute factory, field gun gactory, HAL and a Base Repair Depot can be found there. 

A second spy in the Kanpur area was arrested eight days later. Uttar Pradesh police arrested Mohammad Anwar (an ISI agent alias "Badruddin") on 19 May, for passing on defense-related information to Pakistan through the Internet. They recovered Army and BSF uniforms and fake identity cards, along with badges and stamps. They also discovered computer discs loaded with photos of cantonement areas, a cell phone and a passport were also recovered from his possession. Also confiscated were identity cards from several Army regiments imprinted with different names, along with several classified defense documents.

UP Director General of Police R K Pandit told reporters in Lucknow that Anwar had been active in the Kanpur state for the last 10 years, having obtained a ration card and visited Pakistan several times. - Adam Geibel




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