Intelligence: May 4, 2002


: Pakistan has decided to reorganize its intelligence agencies in order to deal with terrorism. At least, that is the official line. Actually, the government wants better control over its agencies to be sure they are carrying out government policies and not making up their own. Japanese and American advisors will be called in to help with retraining the agencies. Pakistan actually has four intelligence agencies: Military Intelligence (which deals with enemy military forces), the Federal Investigative Agency (which deals with criminal elements), the Intelligence Bureau (supposedly the foreign intelligence branch), and the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) which is notorious for writing its own rules and playbook. Plans call for counter-terrorist units to be created under the FIA and at least one other agency, for closer cooperation between intelligence and police units to fight terrorism, and for modernization through the purchase of advanced equipment. The government says that it is not enough for the intelligence agencies to tell it what is going on, but that they must be able to predict the future actions of enemies and terrorists, and to take pre-emptive action to stop threats before they materialize.--Stephen V Cole




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